Valley of crystals on Mount Roraima, Venezuela

Here, the whole surface of the earth in the valley is dotted with countless white quartz crystals, this is an incredible sight! In the crystal fairy valley, crystals are everywhere! Like a long straw they lie on the ground. Some crystals reach ten centimeters. The valley of the crystals is on the top of the Roraima Mountain, Kanaim National Park, or rather on the very plateau of this mountain. To see all the landscapes and to know all the beauty of the valley it will be necessary to climb the mountain, which is about an altitude of about 2800 meters. Mount Roraima is at the crossroads of the three countries: Brazil, Venezuela and Guyana. Mount Roraima is one of the oldest formations on Earth with an age of about 2 billion years of the Precambrian period. The reports of the expeditions of the discoverers and their followers to the area of ​​the mountain inspired Arthur Conan Doyle to write the novel The Lost World.

Pink autumn morning on Lake Wanaka, New Zealand
Valley of crystals on Mount Roraima
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