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AU/AH Rated M Adult Content Bella Swan: Sarcastic, Bitchy and sometimes random.Edward Cullen: Arrogant, fuck-hot and an over all asshole.She now works for Alice and is helping to plan her wedding. Can Dr Edward Cullen show her she really is someone special? Bella has had a "gift" since she was 7 years old now she writes books and gives lectures at the local college. Gentle readers: thank you for your patience these last long months!AH,cannon couples Male vampires are very possessive and dominant of their mates. STEPHANIE MEYER OWNS TWILIGHT* R&RBella Swan, speech writer to Senator Cullen is new to politics & D. Edward Masen, Chief of Staff to Senator Volturi having grown up surrounded by politics is jaded by it all. New to the area Edward buys his first house but soon discovers strange things are going on. All human Bella x Edward Heartbroken when Tanya told him she cheated on him with his best friend after he proposed to her, Edward vowed to give up on love and women. The pain of that realization stung worse than venom ever could." Edward's "Twilight". Bella and Edward meet at boarding school they both have broken hearts and in mending those hearts will they fall for each other or will they just remain friends. Bella/Edward This story shows them both at the hardest times in their life."Swan!This is the struggle of a broken little girl growing into the woman she's destined to be.

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* AH/OOCThe gang survives an unspeakable tragedy and are left wondering, how will they cope? A/HBella Swan is a physician assistant student trying to survive a grueling clinical year. Edward Cullen, a cocky, irresistible ob/gyn resident. Two lost souls collide in the stillness between hope lost and found. Everyone needs a little something to believe in sometimes."After having her heart broken, Bella wanders into a small coffee shop where she meets Edward; her coffee bean guy. Edward & Bella are graduate students in London 'coincidentally' researching the same poets. After Edward leaves, Bella sees her only chance at a normal life is with Jacob, but it only leads to more pain.

It's there she reconnects with her father, and forms a bond with the next-door neighbor.

Is she the one who can heal his wounded heart; or will he hurt her over his fear of falling in love again? Do not read if offended by death, rape, torture and the like Edward, the lead singer of Eclipse, has always considered himself fulfilled. MANY APOLOGIES.* Dear Diary, When he left, I became numb. Now, he's back, and I've agreed to be his co-star in a new Broadway play.

AH/AU OOCBella signs a contract with Edward to enter into a marriage based on financial gain.

She's looking to take the easy road and instead finds a nearly impossible one she must travel on the path to finding herself, along with everything she never knew she wanted.