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In the emergency shelter, people sleep on cots without pillows, and food is not provided. The spartan accommodations represent Cologne's effort to handle the influx.In nearby Dortmund, the city administration takes the position that homeless people from other EU countries "were not homeless in their native countries but, instead, deliberately made themselves homeless by traveling as EU citizens," and thus should not be entitled to stay in German homeless shelters.

The Hamburg winter emergency shelter program, with its makeshift accommodations in a former office building near the city's central train station, offers 230 beds.Im Anschluss war er acht Jahre bei der "Financial Times Deutschland", als Redakteur in Frankfurt und Korrespondent für Außen- und Sicherheitspolitik in Brüssel.Nach einer Zwischenstation als Reporter beim "Handelsblatt" wechselte er 2012 zum SPIEGEL.The homeless population in Germany has grown sharply in recent years, partly because of a growing influx of destitute Romanians, Bulgarians and other Eastern Europeans.Since their native countries joined the European Union in 2007, Bulgarians and Romanians have been able to enter Germany without visas or residence permits.