Backdating cash receipts

c) Natural Gas Allowance The Natural Gas Allowance is an alternative to the Electricity Allowance for people whose homes are connected to a Natural Gas supply.

This cash credit of €35.00 will be automatically applied to your bill.

A LIVING ALONE INCREASE is payable to people who are living alone and receiving one of a number of specified payments from this Department (Application forms are available from any Office of the Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection, or Post Office). A widow/widower/surviving civil partner aged between 60 and 65 years, whose late spouse/civil partner received an Electricity/Gas allowance and or Telephone Allowance and/or Free T. licence from this Department, may qualify for the Household Benefits Package (i.e.

all three schemes) if s/he otherwise satisfies the conditions as outlined above, and receives one of the payments below.

Applicants aged between 66 and 70Applicants under age 66List of Qualifying payments and excepted household members for persons aged under 70Concessions a) Electricity Allowance How it's paid Change of address / What's not covered b) Cash Electricity Account How it's paidc) Natural Gas Allowance How it's paid/What's covered Changes of Addressd) Cash Gas Allowance How it's paid/What's covered What's not covered How to claim How it's renewed Free Television Licence (only) entitlement How it's paid What is not covered What if the applicant is not Registered Account holder Change of address Completing the Application Form(s)Where to send it to Applicants in receipt of a Social Security Pension Applicants 66 to 70 not in receipt of a qualifying Pension Widowed/Surviving Civil Partner applicants aged 60 65 Household composition Medical Certification Copy of a recent utility bill Treatment of applications for backdating of the Household Benefits List of countries covered by EC regulations and those countries which Ireland has a bilateral or social security agreement The Electricity/Gas Allowance has four different options, depending on the applicant's circumstances.

Telephone Allowance Applicants aged 70 or over Applicants in receipt of full time Carer's Allowance should note that from the 1 April 2012, you must be living with the person that you are getting full time Carer’s Allowance for.

The reader also asked: Hank responded: Assuming you didn’t get a note with the check indicating that it came from one (not both) of the people named on the check, and assuming that you have no record of prior giving from one-or-both of those named, the acknowledgment/receipt/thank you should be addressed to both. If you’ve gotten prior gifts from one of the people named on the check, but not the other, then you can use your judgment as to whether to thank just the prior donor. BTW, you are not sending them a “tax receipt,” you are sending them a receipt they can use for tax purposes … For the purposes of donor relations, it would also be best for the receipt to be in letter format, with some warm words of thanks. Christine can be reached at [email protected]=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Have a comment or a question about starting, evaluating or expanding your fundraising program?

See IRS Publication 1771 ( for guidance on providing acknowledgement of a donation. Contact Hank at [email protected] over 30 years of counseling in major gifts, capital campaigns, bequest programs and the planning studies to precede these three, he’ll be pleased to answer your questions.

****People in employment for more than 15 hours per week or receiving Jobseeker's Benefit/Allowance cannot be accepted as providing constant full time care and attention.

Some judgment on the part of the organization may well be needed in a few cases.

The safe and conservative approach is to attribute the gift to the later date when there is confusion.

EXCEPTED PEOPLE FOR THE PURPOSES OF THE ELECTRICITY/GAS ALLOWANCE: An applicant, who is not aged 70 or over or who is not in receipt of a Full Time Carer's Allowance must reside alone or only with the following excepted people: * An applicant's spouse/civil partner/cohabitant is regarded as being a "Qualified Adult" if the applicant is receiving an increase for a qualified adult with his/her payment or would have received an increase but for the fact that s/he is in receipt of a Social Welfare payment in his/her own right.

** Child(ren) under age 18 cannot be considered dependent if they are in receipt of a social welfare payment in their own right.