Background check dating websites

Remember, though, many people don’t use their real names online.

If you find Bobby’s online alias, (Smirk Bob, perhaps), you may find that Bobby uses the same screen name for his other social media accounts.

If he just moved to your neighborhood from Cincinnati, you’ll want to include that city instead of your own.

If Bobby likes to make friends, a bunch of different social media sites may pop up: Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, Pinterest, and scores of others.

You might also find out that he was arrested for a DUI. Instead of locking in on keywords, Peek You looks for links that are likely associated with the people you’re looking for online.

When it finds information, Peek You indexes all the links in one place for easy browsing.

Finally, run a Google image search to locate pictures of Bobby.

You might find out that Bobby is a champion swimmer.

But short of hiring a private investigator, what can you find out? You’d be amazed how much public information is tangled up in the web.Click here to see photos taken in your neighborhood.The bottom line is this: You want to make sure Bobby isn’t a threat, and one of the most frightening threats is a convicted sex offender.With the Dru Sjodin National Sex Offender Public Website, all you have to do is enter a ZIP code and run a search to see a list of convicted offenders in your area.You see a picture of the person and their home and work addresses. If all goes well, you’ll find that Bobby is an upstanding citizen with a clean record and a lot of worthy friends. One word of warning: always take the information with a grain of salt.