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Dinner is delightful and the conversation passes from topic to topic. He had gotten up the nerve to come all the way out to the Dungeon, but wasn't sure. We watched on for a while -- both aroused -- and then headed to the stage for our exhibition. The Dungeon has an exhibition each Friday to go with the theme. After I've had an erotic spanking session with someone I find myself so relaxed and at peace.

As dessert gets served we split up into the bar crowds. Rob and Dave have been dating since forever now and will probably go home and rent a movie or something. I always did better then him in class, on the bar exam, getting jobs, you name it. But that was five years ago, and I was still doing better. It is worth describing the Dungeon mostly because it is such an amazing place. That night I led him down the catwalk and spanked him in public. Usually after the exhibition people shed their inhibitions further and the last few hours are even hotter than the earlier ones. Let me know what you think of this story by writing me at the e-mail address at the top. If you thought it was particularly good, you can help recommend it to other people!

They are already deep into their third round of drinks and the table is replete with appetizers. Tom says he's convinced Geoffrey is gay and that he thinks he saw him at ~Key West~ a few months ago. I cupped his hot ass cheeks in my hand and kissed him back with tongue. I've met lots of men at these parties, but never one like Michael. One who would give his body so completely, but withhold a phone number. SWAT SWAT SWAT SWAT SWAT SWAT SWAT SWAT SWAT SWAT SWAT I land each blow across his cheeks and his cock stiffens in my lap. He hands me my coat and asks if I'll take him home -- to my apartment. This story is based in part on a factual event and in part on my own fascination with spanking.

I sit down next to Justin and he pats me on the back and says he ordered for me. Everyone agrees that someone ought to stick him in his place. Then we were invited to do the Midnight floorshow by one of the hosts. I had toyed with using the firm's PI to track him down, but the mystery itself was arousing. I find spanking so erotic because it is such a release and such a power trip.

Thus even though the hybrid might be genetically compatible with both species, he will never have a chance to reproduce, and is thus functionally sterile.

As far as sexual selection goes for WM/AF mutants, Asian & white females who are total bitches and enjoy emasculating Asian men, would just write Eurasian men off as another gook, and non-brainwashed fighting white and Asian females would recognize what a monstrosity WM/AF is, see it as the violent attack on both Asianness and Womanhood that it is, and would never date the offspring of such an abomination over a pureblooded Asian man.

So in the animal world, hybrids often don’t reproduce not just because of genetic sterility, but because of sexual selection.

There are unique factors of attraction that each species is looking for, and so the mutant hybrid in the middle is a freakish abomination to both sides of the family.

So its not Asian males who suck, its me I, who suck personally. Hey they did give me the basic middle class life and then some. Ironically I may be more Tiger Cub than I thought, and then my parents turn it around and use that as a club to beat me over the head with, when I’m just the creation of “superior Asian values” as Amy Chua would put it. Of course that guy wouldn’t have been “me”, just another Asian in the billion-cell bee hive. IDK I’ll probably eventually get a job as a circus freakshow attraction.

Two hours later than I had hoped, I leave the office, but I have the satisfaction of knowing I kept pretty boy out of jail. Friday is perhaps the only day I can normally leave the office at a human hour. A tight white short sleeve shirt through which my hot hard nipples can be discerned. I head to the garage of my building, where my "baby," a hot red BMW convertible awaits. My aim is impeccable and Michael's body recoils slightly from the force of the blows.

And tonight, because of Geoffrey, I'm later than I had hoped. I hop into the seat, lower the roof and pull out of the garage. After a few more, he catches the rhythm and begins to move his butt up to meet the blow of the paddle, desiring it more than anything. Both of us enraptured in pleasure, my cock throbbing within my jeans for release. And my strong well built body working to beat his hot ass. WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK Time flows by as I keep beating his ass with blow after blow of the paddle.

So they could have just aborted me, and we’d call it even.

WARNING This contains graphic descriptions of sexual intercourse and sadomasochistic activities between two adult males.