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My usual crowd is there, Tom, Justin, Robert, and David. I rub his ass cheeks more and squeeze his buttocks. Spanking resumes in earnest throughout the room and I lock my tongue in Michael's mouth and pull him close as he shoots his load into my crotch.

As dessert gets served we split up into the bar crowds. Rob and Dave have been dating since forever now and will probably go home and rent a movie or something. I always did better then him in class, on the bar exam, getting jobs, you name it. But that was five years ago, and I was still doing better. It is worth describing the Dungeon mostly because it is such an amazing place. That night I led him down the catwalk and spanked him in public. Usually after the exhibition people shed their inhibitions further and the last few hours are even hotter than the earlier ones. Let me know what you think of this story by writing me at the e-mail address at the top. If you thought it was particularly good, you can help recommend it to other people!

So in the animal world, hybrids often don’t reproduce not just because of genetic sterility, but because of sexual selection.

There are unique factors of attraction that each species is looking for, and so the mutant hybrid in the middle is a freakish abomination to both sides of the family.

An asian woman with pride, and a progressive white woman would never choose a Hapa over an Asian male. All my life my parents have been telling me what a freak I am.

So evil women wouldn’t want hapa males for evil reasons, and good women wouldn’t want hapa males for good reasons. And I was so deluded into thinking I wasn’t a freak, that it really pissed me off to be called a freak.