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After I started working from home, I was making more money for fewer hours, since I no longer had to give a cut to the agency.

It also meant I could change my outfit if someone asked (they occasionally did) and duck out for a snack whenever I felt like it.

I got adept at taking my clothes off very slowly, and letting the camera travel over the planes of my body as if I was simply teasing the client, instead of watching the money rack up.

I suggested treats: "Oh, I have another toy you'd love. " If I could get them to pay for staring at an empty screen in anticipation, I would.

The place where I worked had four rooms upstairs and one downstairs, which looked like my first basement apartment, if the basement had been in a bordello.

Most of those rooms were occupied by an assortment of young women, staring into the glow of the laptop as if their clients were actually as riveting as an episode of My first day on the job, I went through training with a girl who called herself Serena.

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My first client that night was a guy named John who just wanted to talk. When we finished, I was 0 richer, and he felt like he knew me.

Those clients seemed like such a cliché: The lonely guys who were looking for a pretend girlfriend for a couple of hours. The cam site was set up so they could see and hear me, but all I saw of them was typed words on a screen; I sometimes imagined their voices as being polite and calm, especially the ones who spelled everything correctly.