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The Essence of the Author’s Argument A high level of bilateral symmetry, ‘the two halves of something on either side of a particular line being exactly the same’, of the face and body are perceived as more attractive and fertile, smell better and experience greater disease resistance, and is reflected in our DNA.

We receive two copies of every type of gene; one from each of our parents.

Our diversity is a gift, and to keep ourselves separated and compartmentalized would be to waste that gift.’ What do Steve Jobs, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Bob Marley, Nicki Minaj, Bruno Mars, Naomi Campbell, Vin Diesel, Jimi Hendrix, Ne-Yo and Jessica Alba all have in common?

You know many more mixed race individuals than you think.

Any benefits hybrid vigour offers them are wiped out by the handicap of their conspicuous appearance.

Selective breeding has been taking place since before Charles Darwin‘s 1859 publication of .

In the early days white slave owners covertly broke the very laws they passed by raping their slaves, and those found out who couldn’t buy their way out of it were banished from the colonies.

You’ve probably seen photos of ligers and tigons; lion-tiger crosses. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s one of the largest mammalian land predators on Earth. Speaking of polar bears, another notable hybrid are pizzly bears; polar bear – grizzly bear crosses.On the other hand, hybrid vigour has its limitations as we’ve seen in mules.Two species with varying number of chromosomes will either be unable to create viable living, breathing offspring or they’ll be infertile and may be handicapped in other ways.I jump on anything that refers to mixed race individuals as I’m the product of a British born black mother of Barbadian descent and a British born white father.I think I first heard of this book when I watched Channel 4’s documentary series.