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It was stolen at Euston Station in London in 2010, but recovered in 2013 and was auctioned for £1.4222M to a British Music Festival led by the English violinist Andrew Bernardi Madame Juliette Récamier, Paris (?

–1804) Count Gabriel-Jean-Joseph Molitor, Paris (1804–1849) Molitor family (1849–1917) J. Maartens (Kew Gardens) Victor Mannheimer 1925/28 Mannheimer family 1928/61 Rembert Wurlitzer Inc.

[paperback, "Proceedings of a symposium on the First Published Report of a Series of Studies of Sex Phenomena by Professor Alfred C.

[paperback] "Sexuality and the Life Cycle" SIECUS Guide No. [pamphlet] "Sexual Encounters Between Adults and Children" SIECUS Guide No.

The Lady Blunt was last sold at London auction house Tarisio on 20 June 2011 for £9,808,000 (US.9 million), with proceeds going to the Nippon Foundation's Northeastern Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief Fund. Joan Field - an American violinist (1915 - 1988) also known as one of its owners, played the Birsou' from 1921 to 1929.

Mariano Bello (Mexico) 1997: Anonymous 2012: Italian collector from Rare Violins New York auction On loan to Maristella Patuzzi.

The Stradivari was used to record the Decca album Intimamente Tango (2015, No.

He never performed with this instrument, constructed in the Niccolò Amati style, because of the short scale, uncomfortable for his hand.

Oistrakh's widow presented the violin to the Glinka Museum.