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We previously wrote about 11 reasons why Medellín is considered a top foreign retirement location.

The foreign retirement publications have for several years have been touting Medellín as top foreign retirement location.

And the low daily average ranges from 61.7 to 63.3 ° F (16.5 to 17.4 °C).

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Also, most apartments and houses in Manizales don’t have heaters in my experience, so it can get cold at night when inside.

WHO ranks Colombia’s healthcare system as #22 out of 191 countries it ranked, which is ranked higher than many wealthier countries like the United States (#37), Germany (#25), Canada (#30) and Australia (#32).

Good healthcare is a very important category for retirees.

And it’s not really fair to compare two places if you have not been to both of them. But I have traveled several times on business and vacation to Manizales.

In my opinion, both places have their pluses and minuses. We previously compared on this website: Since we have already compared Medellín with several cities in Colombia, some readers asked that we also do a Medellín vs Manizales comparison.