Dating mistake woman make

One day this night could be something we want to tell our grandkids about so let’s remember it and make sure there are lots of good parts. Don’t agree to a second date if you’re not into it. Don’t forget that you will make mistakes and so will we.

If you’re having a good time then relax and go with it.

If he is talking to a woman in front of you, know that he is probably just talking.

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Or we’ll think you’ll be doing exactly the same about us when you see them again. Don’t think that everything we say is necessarily set in stone.

Getting the balance right between showing your real self (warts and all) and holding back a little bit to come over better is one of life’s biggest challenges. The majority of us prefer the natural look and nothing is as sexy as confidence in your own skin. Don’t tell us to order what we feel like then get a salad from the starters after we’ve just asked for a rump steak. We genuinely are trying to be nice and gallant and not trying to undermine your gender.

Get that first date right and the hardest bit is over: you could well be on the way to a great relationship. We don’t want to have to consider the terror of meeting your dad until at least date three. We all love a bit of banter but we are attracted to you because you’re a woman so trying too hard to be one of the lads can be a bit off putting. Please don’t spend more of the date on your phone than with me.

Dating is nothing but pressure: let’s face it, it’s one big game. Many guys claim it’s what they want but those of us looking for a relationship want to get to know you (ALL of you) slowly and enjoy every savouring moment.

Forget this ‘be yourself’ mantra, the first date at least takes one heck of an act. Don’t think it’s sexist that we offer to pay the bill.