Dating the disabled

Some even assumed that I was his guide (like the men’s room attendant).

In this situation, you have to decide whether or not you will shrug it off, laugh it off, humour the comments, or confront them.

Of course, dating a person with a disability means that you have to deal with family, friends and society – like any other relationship.

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The men’s room attendant, who observed my date making his way to the restroom, hastened towards me to ask, “Don’t you think you should go in there with him? ” You see, he felt the need to ask that ridiculous question because my date was blind.Talk to your date and find out what life is like for the person.Finding out about the person you are dating is important, down to the simplest of issues, like how to refer to your partner’s disability.I’ve had people tell me that disabled people are constantly horny, and are ready to have sex with any and everyone.The other extreme is that people have expressed shock and even outrage at the notion of sex with someone with a disability.