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My first camera was a pentax spotmatic graduating to the pentax mx,lx,pz1p and later to the k100 and k10d and now the k20d.

Though i like all types of photograpghy my favourite is landscapes.

Having gone through something similar a few years before that I thought I knew what the grieving process would be like. One day youll find that youre smiling without crying about some antic that Sua would do that always made you laugh. They all run and play together, but the day comes when one suddenly stops and looks into the distance. You have been spotted, and when you and your special friend finally meet, you cling together in joyous reunion, never to be parted again. Ill be very lucky if I can eventually find another cat like Sua. As it turns out I think my hesitation was unwarranted. First, let me offer my condolences on the death of Lady. Hopefully that says something about the kind of person we both are.

But the experience was like nothing I could have imagined. When I visited one of the most respected breeders of Siamese cats here in Miami this runt of the litter clawed her way out of her condo and literally jumped into my arms. Give it time, let the tears flow as needed and yes, one day youll find another cat chooses you to be their caregiver. She used to scare me to death when shed leap to the top of a six foot high bookcase in the living room. differently, and you will come to terms with things on your own schedule, in their own way. Yes, you will be able someday to look back with fond memories on the time you spent together, and the heartache will dull. You will most likely be able to get another cat someday as well. The happy kisses rain upon your face; your hands again caress the beloved head, and you look once more into the trusting eyes of your pet, so long gone from your life but never absent from your heart. Im not looking for a Sua clone, but I would like to find a cat that I can develop a close bond with. your Sua, but it should be easy to find another cat that needs you as much. Everyone here should get some Blue Hill sort of award for being so loving and giving. I think the more you talk/discuss your grief with others who are sympathetic the easier the grief is to deal with.

I’m busy, I’m active, I go here, there and everywhere, and you don’t really get to know people.”On why she turned to the web for help, Sian said that, having “licked her wounds” and spoken to friends, she now felt that it was what she needed to do.

Im a guy and yet I still shed tears when I think about her. My relationship with my sweet (also the runt of the litter) is a lot like yours with Sua and I know I will be a wreck when she passes (she is almost now).

Ive been to the site, read the poems, and came away feeling better about eventually being reunited with Sua and Lek. Here is a link to the one of the tributes off the CRF website: Not our cat, but a beautiful tribute to a well loved meezer. She was not going to show well, they had a hard time getting the hissy, growling, whapping troll cat out of the cage. loss Loosing a beloved pet is devistating, and I believe all or most of us atleast on here know what you are going through. Dont beat yourself up or feel like a weirdo because it was just a cat. And how great that you would leave a pile of warm, CLEAN clothes for your cat to burrow in! Sometimes shed hop into the laundry basket before I could dump the clean clothes onto the bed. I remember when we lost our cat 20 years ago suddenly. Grieving for human loss normally takes 1-2 years I would assume the same for our pets.

We lost our sealpoint Moose to acute renal failure this March, and this has been the hard one yet to lose. Im no expert, but your grief will subside with time. The loss of animals is as large or larger than the loss of a person. Here in Berkeley 2 professionals donate their time to run a pet loss support group at a shelter.

My industry is a very young industry, which is great in a lot of respects, but in regards to dating, I’m getting people that are too young asking me out.“I wanted something more grown-up…

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