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It makes sense that sex was my go-to activity when I was emotionally unstable, providing me an emotional boost along with an endorphin rush.

If I’m honest with myself, I probably spend more time with Mike because Matt is unavailable, and part of me likes having two men around because of a lingering sense of rejection from my youth.

Today is the first full day of Spring, and I may have Spring Fever. I don’t feel like that right now, but I find myself with similar desires. Still, I feel the same edge, the same need to connect physically that I experienced during mania.

I’ve written about by first big manic episode involving near-anonymous sex and out-of-control feelings. Fortunately I want to be with men that I know and like instead of random dudes from Craigslist.

Everyone was always telling me, when I get married, things will change hardcore.

I mean, it was easy at first because we already lived together and stuff, but then, like a year in, things did change. We didn't talk as much or as nicely to each other as we used to. The excitement started to die, and I was really worried we wouldn't make it.

But I’m certainly not at my least healthy or least introspective. And I’ll be sure to keep tabs on my feelings should they slip back into mania or depression.

So, for now, I’ll hang around with these guys that I like.

I’m probably a typical woman in that I have better, more enjoyable sex when I have some kind of attachment.Honestly, when you listen when she speaks, it makes your relationship and marriage solid because then you are on the same page.I guess more than listening, take the marriage seriously.Way back in my teenaged years I was always the “just a friend” girl.I always figured that guys wanted to just be friends with me because there was no attraction.