Engaged after 2 months dating

Just a few weeks ago, the actress told Howard Stern that she and Ben were not "in talks" to get married and that the two met on the dating app Raya."He was my first match," she explained.

"The picture was him dancing with his grandma at like a wedding.

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Just say 'no comment.' And she's like, 'Oh, I got it, Amy. "Not even 10 minutes later I get a Google alert from magazine that Deb was like, 'I've never heard of her before in my life! She's so sweet."Neither Amy nor Ben have commented on their split on social media.So, we surveyed 1,000 recently-engaged Weddington Way customers (all women), posing questions like: How old were you when you got engaged? And, how long were you dating prior to your engagement?After compiling these responses, we sorted them by geographic region (West, Midwest, South, and Northeast).