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My work life was all over the place – sometimes I was highly productive and could be a very genial and supportive colleague.Other times my concentration was hopeless, I would day dream the hours away and chronically procrastinate.) I knew I had taken a wrecking ball to my own life.(In my mind I think that this will always be the metaphor I will use.) As soon as I started winding down from my worst ever, show-stopping, record-breaking manic binge, a bleak depression set in.

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It certainly never occurred to me that my story was just one of many bipolar stories.In my 30s I started to experience crippling panic attacks so bad I wanted to die.I also had recurrent depressions but couldn’t figure out exactly what I was so upset about.Neither of us was familiar with any personal bipolar stories.We thought I had an anxiety disorder and my partner was very caring and supportive towards me.