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If we are truly creating something new and revolutionary, can we somehow disrupt this cycle? The Frigid Farrah personality of the True Companion Roxxxy doll — which, to be clear, may not even exist — has caused internet outrage and undoubtedly netted its purported creator, Douglas Hines, a pretty penny.

In 2010, when the first Roxxxy model was unveiled, he claimed to have more than 4,000 preorders; the current models retail for almost ,000.

Men were asked to choose from multiple reasons why they would use a sex robot; the list was derived from comments and reader feedback on social media.

The options are revealing of men’s attitudes not just toward robots, but also toward women and women’s roles in relationships.

It’s not particularly surprising that 38 percent of these men have taboo fantasies that they can’t fulfill with a human partner (or that 20 percent just really love cool new technology).

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Purposeful introduction of stereotypes — what Joanna Bryson, AI researcher and professor of computer science at the University of Bath, calls “evil programmers,” with a bit of a laugh — represent only one of three reasons that we end up with technology that perpetuates bias.It’s that women and people read as women have spent millennia suffering at the whim of men’s emotions.We should question the impact of men’s desire for sex robots as an outlet for these emotions.But one in 10 respondents said they would date a realistic AI sex robot in order to have a “more intelligent” partner.Even more worrisome are the 15 percent who want a partner “who would never let [him] down” or the 15 percent who want a partner who is “never sad or upset.” One in five responded that they need “a partner that is always there to listen.” Baffling is the 17 percent who responded that they want a sex robot partner “with the same interests” as theirs.