Jenny lewis and conor oberst dating

Greeted by positive reviews and a major media push, Rabbit Fur Coat overshadowed all previous Rilo Kiley albums, but it also wound up giving a boost to the band's 2007 album, Under the Blacklight.

Released on Warner proper, Under the Blacklight was Rilo Kiley's most successful record -- it wound up peaking at 22 on Billboard's Top 200 -- but the band splintered soon after its release.

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But her confidence as an artist has now matured into a quiet assurance that makes — to name one recent example — Oberst’s 2014 album sound all the more deadly stiff.

Before she was ten years old, she appeared in a number of major commercials, and she wound up cast in Lucille Ball's 1986 sitcom Life with Lucy.

Guest spots in a variety of sitcoms followed in the next few years, culminating with prominent roles in two 1989 films: The Wizard and Troop Beverly Hills.

Just as Rilo Kiley was receiving a push from a major label, Lewis fielded an offer from Conor Oberst for his imprint Team Love.

Lewis hired the Watson Twins as support for Rabbit Fur Coat, her 2006 solo debut.