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Each room has an area that can be used for working, as well as a large flat-screen TV and free Wi-Fi.

Modern rooms provide a contemporary backdrop to your stay with their pale gray and white décor complemented by hardwood floors.

Gracias a nuestras siete salas de reuniones flexibles con capacidad para entre 16 y 360 personas, el NH Monterrey La Fe es un sitio ideal para organizar eventos de negocios y bodas.

Todas las salas presentan un diseño moderno con luz natural. Podemos preparar recepciones con cócteles y cenas para tus invitados.

Crouching in the shadow of a toppled, heavily concreted old stove, a long-legged black crab eyes an odd interloper with suspicion.

“Folks at shoreside would like to get a measurement on that crab,” a voice crackles over the live video feed.

In this way, a crucial element of the region’s history will be enjoyed by local community members for years to come.

At the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico, far enough from both shore and surface that the water no longer carries the silt of the Mississippi, the wreck of a ship rests at a slight angle.

Fundidora Park also received an award from American Express to support conservation work on the blast furnace, specifically the steel plate of the stack and adjacent stairs, pipes, and valves.

In addition, the award supported an awareness-raising campaign designed to maintain the park's central place in the community of Monterrey.