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features than any other emweting software application and includes Free Support and Free Upgrades.With the new rebranding of the e Meeting Dating Software, existing customers can expect to receive free upgrades and free support.Model Quality Introductions (MQI, Inc.) is the millionaire matchmaking agency that gives the most qualified, most discerning bachelors a newfound shot at finding true love.They were recently featured in the Du Pont Registry and also received an award by the US Commerce Association for their business category, dating services.emeeting dating software reviews and client complaints on 15, 2010 - PRLog -- The newest, most exciting millionaire dating agency guarantees its clients nothing but the most rigorously handpicked selection of gorgeous and youthful women in the country.

If you complain about bad customer service or unstable script in the forums you get instantly banned - Yes they don't tolerate anything that might indicate their software is unstable at all.

The script it's No;1 on Richard Jun 10, I started with them about 5 years ago it is not bugs you are dealing with the software is ok.

The only problem is they scammed me into thinking I could have open source code. After buying emeeting dating software script emeeting dating software disapiert.

Tibor Lukacsi Aug 19, I both this dating script two years ago from e Meeting.

As of this posting November emeetinv,i Cupid, the old e Meeting dating software, is now at version but with all the bugs the are trying to fix they lag behind other companies with new emeeting dating software facebook login, 3d etc.