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Abstaining from showering so she could hatch their plan, Miriam approached Coach Johnson and asked to speak in private, in her classroom, about her boyfriend and his desire to have "premarital sex." By utilizing all of the skills she'd learned in Mr.Benson's drama class, Miriam felt confident she could keep their coach busy for hours on end covering all the emotional, physical, safety, and medical concerns she could muster regarding sex. Johnson, always eager to keep her girls protected and healthy, willingly headed off with Miriam to answer all of her questions, " long as it takes." Coach shut off her office light, locked its door, and followed Miriam out, leaving the rest of the girls completely unsupervised.So, when Melanie obligatorily told them what Beth did, so that none of them would fall prey to a similar fate, they all agreed it was time for some payback.They couldn't go to the principal or the cops because Beth might release the photos ruining both Melanie and James' lives.Still in their gym clothes, they'd surrounded her in an ever shrinking half circle.

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But, without their coach's protection, Beth was a goner.

Without her pussy pawing posse to support her, Beth suddenly felt woefully outnumbered and a little concerned with Melanie's cold tone and demeanor.

Luckily, the shower was washing away the pee fearfully running down her leg.

Melanie had grown up with most of the other girls on the volleyball team.

They did everything together: went shopping, skinny dipping in the lake, sharing their deepest secrets and forbidden desires, they even went to the bathroom at the same time.