Nortel corporate directory not updating

If the pickup DN is invalid, you receive an overflow burst tone and thescreen displays Release and try again. The Ring Again (Call Back) feature lets you know when the person you dialed is available. Ring Again (Call back) Use the Ring Again (Call Back) feature when you dial a number and receive a busy tone. After you select Ring Type from the Options List menu; 1. This feature allows you to personalize the displayed names for incoming and outgoing calls. Use the Navigation keys to place your cursor in the first line and use the dial pad to enter an area/country code of your choice. The Ring Type option allows you to chose from among the various ringing sounds available for your telephone model. Press the Select Key to activate the desired ring type. After you select Volume Adjustment from the Options List menu; 1. From the Log options menu, use the Navigation Keys to highlight and select either: Log all calls or Log unanswered calls This feature displays the names of incoming and outgoing callers as stored in your Personal Directory, if the telephone number matches the one stored in your directory. This makes it easier to identify local calls and internal calls. After you select Area code set-up from the Options List menu; 1. To exit the Callers List without making a call: Press the Quit Press the Call Log Key.Joe replaced the voicemail unit on our Avaya system, another great technician, and all fea- tures are functioning correctly.

Volume Adjustment provides a list of adjustable items for your telephone: Ringer, Buzzer, Speaker, Handset listen, Handsfree, Headset listen, Headset talk, Headset sidetone. Press the Lower Key to decrease the ringer volume, or press the Higher Key to increase the ringer volume. The Call Log holds up to 10 different incoming entries for the M3903 and up to 100 for the M3904.

The Shift Key allows you to access the second layer of the Programmable Line/Feature Keys. Dial the number of the person you want to add to the conference. Press the Swap Key to switch between talking with the original caller and the new caller. To place a call on Hold: Call Forward All Use the Call Forward All feature to program your calls immediately to voice mail or to another telephone number when you cannot answer your calls for a specific period of time. To edit the number, use the left or right Navigation Key to move the cursor without deleting digits. To view the number that your calls are being forwarded to: 1.

It also has four Context Sensitive (Self-labeled) Soft keys. The two callers are connected and your telephone is ready to make or receive new calls. The other party is on hold andyou receive dial tone. NOTE: Call Forward No Answer and Hunt When Busy are programmed by Telecommunications. Press Cancel to leave this screen without forwarding your telephone.

Call Pickup Call Pickup allows you to pick up a call from any telephone in the same Pickup Group.

The Ring Again (Call Back) feature automatically redials the number.

Nortel corporate directory not updating