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The 1956 Olympics were the first held in the Southern Hemisphere.

Because of the reversal of seasons, the Games were celebrated in November and December.

It just ended up working perfectly.” Now, Raisman has confirmed to People magazine that she and Underwood had “kept it quiet for a while,” but have been dating since the MTV Video Music Awards in August.

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One of Trump's hallmarks has been his attitude of America first.

When the torch is lit during the opening ceremonies in Pyeongchang's Olympic stadium on Friday night, it will become one of many flames being fanned around the world. "It's hard to talk about these Olympics without bearing in mind that for all the wonderful ideals that are brought to mind by the Olympic Games, and rightfully so, right now the Korean Peninsula is the most dangerous place on Earth," says Mark Hertsgaard, author of "The Eagle's Shadow: Why America Fascinates and Infuriates the World." As its organizers often say, an Olympics are an opportunity to sublimate politics into healthy competition and show that the world can come together for a noble purpose: an excellence of body and mind produced by hard work and sheer determination.

And yes, that's happening in Pyeongchang even before the Games begin, most dramatically with the joint Korean women's hockey team, which will feature players from the long-divided North and South skating and competing together on the same ice.

The Melbourne Games introduced the practice of athletes marching into the closing ceremonies together, not segregated by nation.

Two things that might not go together like peas and carrots: Marriage and the Olympics.