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It was like okay, this is Izzy’s date with Emma, and we’re just gonna go right into it.

Paste: Were there any sort of awkwardly hilarious moments in those early days? ” Blanchard: It was actually kind of further along, it wasn’t really the early days, but when we were shooting the scene where we ultimately all get together, the threesome scene, we all had to sit—the crew, the camera, the three of us actors—on a very small bed in a very small bedroom, and just the maneuvering around was very funny. Paste: Even a few episodes in, it’s easy to tell that there’s going to be societal blowback when people inevitably find out what’s going on with the Trakarskys and their young grad student friend.

Paste: What were some of the specific exercises you guys did?

Blanchard: There were a lot of movement exercises, a lot of Alexander techniques, and just ways to—we really got into one another’s physical space quite quickly, in a way that you normally wouldn’t in the first week of meeting someone. We were just so comfortable with each other in a physical sense and in an emotional sense by the time we went to camera.

I thought it was fun but grounded, which is always my favorite kind of comedy.

Priscilla Faia: My experience was different from Greg and Rachel’s in that I auditioned.

We didn’t do any script work, we just did theater techniques, and we really took time and spent all day doing these connection rehearsals.

Naturally, he tells Emma—but when she goes and buys her own time with Izzy, the three of them spiral into a complex love triangle that, unlike most love triangles, seems to have a workable three-way solution… We watched the first few episodes of the show, which has a lot of heart and enough humor to make it worth your time.

Paste also caught up with Blanchard and Faia to talk about the way You Me Her addresses polyamory, how they acclimated to the unfamiliar story and the truths the show reveals about romantic relationships in general.

Rachel Blanchard: I just really loved the world that [creator] John [Scott Shepherd] has created.

I love stories about relationships, and I thought it was a really interesting and unique way to explore human nature and relationships.