Ready for dating quotes

“Managers like Arsene Wenger led the way about 10-12 years ago.

Nowadays the likes of Manchester City are packing their midfield with big 6ft-plus players who get up and down the pitch.

Deeper than just having fun all the time, going out every night, being carefree.

You need to be able to tackle tough issues together.

Also remember that your family and friends know you best, and if they think there’s a problem with your relationship, maybe you should listen.

Your online dating profile is a lot like a resume, but with selfies.

Know what each of you want, and make sure you’re OK with working through these goals and plans together.

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It’s the position which probably gets the most suspensions.” Anderson feels by bringing the squad size to a more manageable level he can boost the pot available for Parkinson to sign a front man – which is likely to be the most expensive outlay in the window.

A wedding is not going to heal a major rift between you.

Don’t just gloss over your problems and think forgetting them will make them better.

“I do think we can stay up but the m question is what we need,” he told us.

“I think we need a striker who can run at opponents and score goals – which is something we don’t have at the moment. I think football has changed and nowadays you need big powerful midfielders.