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Bezzerides gives him an annoyed look, and he puts down the knife, and the scene ends with a slightly humorous exchange between Velcoro and Bezzerides.Other strong scenes in the episode include the one between Velcoro and his son Chad (Trevor Larcom); their interaction is so uncomfortable, it's difficult to watch. It took until the sixth episode, but True Detective’s writer and creator, Nic Pizzolatto finally got around to giving his audience the single thing that engaged his viewers in season one; strong chemistry between two of the lead characters.In episode four, Velcoro gives an existential angst-filled pep-talk to Taylor Kitsch’s Officer Paul Woodrugh, in which he comes off sounding like a self-important stepdad trying to cheer up his stepson after a little league loss.

The dialogue is sharp and brings out the actors' respective strengths. That’s the kind of thing that keeps you out of Heaven.

In one of the later scenes, we see two of the evildoers going over the minutia of their plot.

A crucial plot point is revealed just as two detectives are approaching the window because the time and place to review a complex land swindle involving government contracts is at an orgy with trafficked women.

Didn’t you use that man, to be what you were always waiting to become? It doesn't matter how well Pizzolatto writes the script—the entire scene requires Vaughn’s ability to sell the line.

Going into the scene, there seemed no way that one or both men could escape being shot. The actor seems to have a knack for playing frantic and confused characters.