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During filming, he says he asked his co-stars to "fill him in" on important cultural differences. When Karen, an African-American woman, started dating Randy, a white man, she says he had "some learning to do." Like Oprah and Sanaa, the first lesson Karen taught Randy was that it's normal for black women to spend long hours in the beauty salon.

Simon says these lessons taught him that his on-screen relationship was not simply a "biracial" romance..was "bicultural." Both Sanaa and Oprah say they have dated white men in the past and that they took it upon themselves to "school" their boyfriends about African-American women. "He says, 'All you've got to do is wash it and go,'" Karen remembers.

Bumps in the road for Jane and Lisbon: Things get awkward around the office as Lisbon and Jane initially try to keep their relationship hidden from their colleagues.

But that's only the start of their troubles, according to Baker and Tunney.

When the movie was first released, the Washington Post reported it was all the buzz in Internet chat rooms. Census Bureau, interracial marriages have more than doubled over the past decade. [The movie] is really just about trying not to care so much about what others think and following your heart," Sanaa says.

Something New has also sparked discussions about black women who choose to date outside their race. Sanaa, a Tony-nominated actress who attended the Yale School of Drama, says the movie has a universal message that applies to all types of relationships. Not only is Something New making audiences cheer, it's also making history.

"There was a time when my ambition was to make an album that I really felt strongly about and really enjoyed.

I thought, 'Maybe a few people will connect with it,'" he says.

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Adds Tunney: "Up until [Jane] caught Red John, that's why he was there. And now he's there, and I think he's wondering why he is there." 2.

Now that James's soulful sound has crossed the pond, American audiences can't get enough.

James says he never dreamed he would have so much success.

"If they did [connect with it], then that would be great because then the record label would maybe let me make a second album." Oprah wants to know—what's the story behind "You're Beautiful"? "It was about seeing my ex-girlfriend on the Underground in London with her new man who I didn't know existed.

She and I caught eyes and lived a lifetime in that moment, but didn't do anything about it and haven't seen each other since." "Wait till she hears this song," Oprah jokes.