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Are you ready to visit the home of the Caribbean sun?Antigua is the sunniest island in the Caribbean and boasts 365 beaches – one for each day of the year.A week could easily be spent cruising around this sunny island of the eastern Caribbean.Its sister island, Barbuda, has shell laden beaches so stretch long that they dip below the horizon.Both Antigua and Barbuda are almost completely surrounded by well-preserved coral walls, reefs, and shipwrecks.The southern and eastern coasts of Antigua and virtually the entire coast of Barbuda are enclosed by coral, providing excellent conditions for shallow diving and snorkeling.

Unfortunately, constant changes in atmosphere are putting this delicate system under pressure, explains Dr Andrew Meredith, an ear, nose and throat specialist from the Benenden Hospital in Cranbrook, Kent.‘If the mucus contains the wrong mixture of bugs, then this can cause an infection,’ says Dr Meredith.If you’ve been unable to identify a specific fragrance causing the allergy, try to avoid products labelled ‘parfum’, as this means they contain a cocktail of different fragrances very likely to include the one that causes the allergy.And be warned: household detergents, disinfectants and even air fresheners can have the same effect.In other cases, it turns into chronic sinusitis, where the sinuses stay blocked for weeks or months and a bacterial infection sets in, in much the same way that bugs thrive in a stagnant pond.Try a daily saline wash — a saltwater solution that can be bought over the counter, or add a teaspoon of salt to a pint of boiled, sterile water and let it cool.