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Also the sextet themselves seemed colourless and somewhat overawed by Pine’s huge presence, especially as he had an alarming tendency to jab out the pulse with an imperious forefinger during their solo spots.

Still, Courtney Pine just doing his thing, careening up and down with phenomenal velocity and accuracy, is something to behold.

Let’s look at a few options that might help you make the best choice. East London has more than its share of small museums and art galleries that are well worth a visit and would make a great venue for an afternoon date.

Read on for more about some of the fascinating collections and exhibitions. If you’re looking for a chance to talk to your date and get some gentle exercise at the same time, explore the City of London on foot. Like many other nations, Australians tend to take a fairly colourful and creative approach to language.

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Would we get something more intriguing and exploratory, now that the big man with the dreadlocks and wide smile had warmed us all up? Pine’s recent album House of Legends explores his Caribbean heritage, and this gig was based mostly on that album, though with reduced forces.

Pine loves to roam around different traditions, and his recent Europa project was a fascinating reinterpretation of the many things he’d encountered on his tours, from Genoese sailor’s songs to Norwegian folk-song. But it has to be said the subtlety was less evident here.

You’re a member of Antipodate and you’ve been in touch with someone you really like.At this gig at the Hideaway, a stylish but friendly jazz club tucked away in deepest South-West London, he romped on stage with his sextet sporting a Bob Marley sweatshirt and wincingly bright scarlet overshirt.With barely a pause for a greeting he plunged into the first number Kingstonian Swing, and in no time at all he’d soared to the top of his soprano saxophone’s range, with an jaw-dropping ‘circular breathing’ trick that allowed him to keep the note going for almost a minute. It was a terrific novelty turn, just the kind of thing an audience wants three days before Christmas.This event is designed for people aged 25-35 and attracts young professionals from across the area.Always check the information provided before you book tickets.