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Sadly, that wasn't enough to make me rate this shallow bit of nonsense more than 1 Star, so let's focus on Goldblum some more : ) 3 down - 2 to go.I was quickly captured by her first person narrative that managed to engage (and not pander to) her audience in exploring her quest for her perfect match.I was aghast at Webb's treatment of these women for her own purposes, but I shouldn't have been.In her listing of 72 traits she wants in her ideal man, she makes her values clear.Almost as mean-spirited as her merciless mocking of these women's profiles, who never intended to put themselves out there for such a purpose.

Try doubling that and then adding on a few more to grow on and still end up feeling like you don't have your shit together half the time. Just wait 10 or 15 years and you'll be thankful for those couple of free hours on the weekend. The only saving grace for this story were the author's admitted love for George Michael . Useful advice that exists in the book:1) try to look hot in Well, this was a very sweet story, but I don't think the author is taking her own advice that correlation does not equal causation.However—the way Webb went about “gaming” online dating included making 10 male profiles and email addresses so she could scope out her female competition. Read the rest of my review here I agree with these comments offered by another reviewer: "I realized I was feeling really, really bothered by this book.I think it goes deeper than frustration with her neuroticism and lack of social grace.Her world of internet dating is as gruesome as the one I remember, but with spreadsheets in hand she decides to "game the system." Early in the book she dates widely, trying to meet her familial obligations as well as play the numbers.If I just date enough men, she rationalized, I will eventually meet my match.