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"We, the people of the State of South Carolina, in convention assembled do declare and ordain [] that the union now subsisting between South Carolina and other States, under the name of the 'United States of America,' is hereby dissolved."The Union of American States began its existence as 13 rebellious colonial governments united only by their dislike of the central government's attempts to enforce taxation and one constitution.

Two-plus centuries later, that hasn't changed a whole lot.

A Sub-Trope of Different States of America and Balkanize Me. Given the high potential for Flame Bait, please observe the Rule of Cautious Editing Judgment when adding Real Life examples.

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Not many in the US are aware of the fact that all court proceedings are recorded and maintained as a huge database for the sake of posterity and that they have been made public as part of the right to information.

Further, differences in the vertical placement of rock art on a cliff face can be a useful indication of relative age, as local changes in specific topographic features can influence the location of rock art through time.

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How do you show that things have irrevocably but believably changed? Perhaps the State suffered some sort of crisis of the type it's never really seen before, and then things went From Bad to Worse.

Maybe the country was broken up by foreign invaders, dissent with an oppressive government led to a break, or maybe regional separatism and nationalism took hold as it kind of did the last time it broke up.