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Tony Posnanski explained his blog post by saying "I write for my audience..for clicks. Nicole Arbour took to her Facebook page to say that Posnanski's recent claims were "just hilarious".

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Éstas plataformas son tan efectivas que prestigiosas revistas de negocios y economía como Forbes han dedicado un sinfín de artículos sobre las ventajas que tiene estas plataformas como Aliexpress.

In October 2014, Posnanski wrote a blog post entitled 'I Was The So-Called “Fat Man” On That Jetstar Flight', one year after an open letter from Syndey blogger Rich Wisken to Jetstar went viral.

"On my FB page I put 'Would you believe I was the fat kid'".

"You did not even know that on that day I hit my 10 pounds lost mark that day on the plane".

"I have and will always continue to struggle with my weight (but) I will never lose weight because of your horrible words". I am glad it came at the expense of making fun of my family… Posnanski lost over 200 pounds to become a weight loss challenge leader.