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But there's more to a solid sex life than just straight-up great sex.

A truly amazing sexual connection encompasses lots of different kinds of sex — maybe even ones you wouldn't expect.

So if you can create that feeling within the confines of an intimate, close, trusting relationship, you will keep reenergizing what you have."And there's another important benefit: Pushing your boundaries helps build trust between you.

"When you communicate a desire to your partner — and, ultimately, try it — you're taking a big risk together," says Anita Clayton, M.

"Hopefully you're growing and changing sexually too. "People in long-term relationships sometimes crave excitement and stimulation, but don't know how to get it with their partner," explains Meers, who adds that this is one of the reasons people stray outside the marriage.Even if the sex is mediocre, it feels like we've come together and nothing can get in the way of our relationship."And let's not forget how good regular sex is for you: It relieves stress, it burns calories, and it elevates your mood, says Meers.According to Olivia, it also keeps her sex drive steady: "Doing it sometimes when I'm not in the mood keeps me geared up for something much hotter other times."3."True intimacy is about being able to feel comfortable and real with each other in awkward, embarrassing situations," says Ruth Morehouse, Ph.D., a clinical psychologist and marriage and family therapist in Evergreen, CO.