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(at the Lane house) (Daria enters Jane's room to the sound of loud drilling: Jane working on a wooden sculpture) Daria - Hey! Daria - Hey, watching a dead fish wash up on shore always puts me in a good mood.

by the way, uh, thanks for leaving that message on Tom's machine about La Dolce Vita. (Jane resumes drilling; Daria gets the hint and leaves) (later, someone knocks on the door to Daria's room) Daria - Come in. (Trent walks past the door and hears Tom and Daria talking) Daria - A glass coffin surrounded by tourists and necrophiliacs? (both laugh) (at Le Grand Hotel) (the Fashion Club, wearing robes, is walking back to Quinn's room, when Bobby intercepts them) Quinn - Bobby!

I was just about to call your house to see where you were. (Tom looks at his watch as Jane clears her throat) Tom - Wow, .

(leaves) Quinn - Let's check out the makeup mirrors! (Tom laughs as Jane enters the room; she's less than pleased) Jane - There you are! (both laugh, then Tom clears his throat when he catches the look on Jane's face) Jane - Anyway, Tom, I'll be down the hall whenever you guys are finished with morgue chat.

Quinn: I mean, sometimes I'm walking down the hall with Sandi and Stacy, and Tiffany and suddenly I'm outside of myself watching, and it's like, who are these girls? Try taking your head out of your butt for once and opening up your myopic little eyes.

Then, one day, I found myself all grown up with my own point of view, and feeling no particular obligation to listen to anyone else's B. Ever.[a home video is playing on TV: Daria as a young child and Quinn as a toddler are seated at a table wearing party hats, each seated on on either side of a birthday cake with three candles; when Daria goes to blow out the candles, Quinn blows them out first]Quinn: I just, I know that sometimes certain types of people, jealous people, might think, who does she think she is? But I can't let myself go on too long thinking that. make you smart enough to see the way you really are?

(Jane makes one final stab that punches through the canvas, which she follows up with a jagged diagonal slash) Jane - What? all of a sudden, it's like he's from a different planet.

Defoe - Jane, while art is a time-honored way to give expression to strong emotions it shouldn't be at the expense of your canvas. Jane - But when he and Daria start debating and going on about all that stuff they've read... Jane - You ever worry that you and Mack are drifting apart?

(at the Lane house) (Daria knocks on the door; Jane answers) Jane - Daria? Quinn - Um, she said she was going to be at that friend of hers' working pretty late on that project. Unless you want me to go back to the hotel tonight. It's like he's watching you with binoculars or something. (at the Lane house) (Daria and Tom are still talking) Tom - Personally, I always had a soft spot for Stalin. (Kevin, Mack, and the Three J's run down the hall) Mack - Okay, go for a long one!