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But the Twitter was abuzz with the news and the fans had freaked out on it! Chris Martin has split from his wife of 10 years Gwyneth Paltrow in March 2014.

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He received two nominations for the Saturn Awards for the same show.He admitted that filming for the show has been really stressful for him and this has given him a nasty form of Vitiligo.His skin on the hands has been discolored and become pale in patches. Its been the most amazing, loving relationship I could ever ask for! I really have never felt love the way i have with this man.2 months later someone I have known all my life pops up and thats all she wrote. First proposing on Valentis Day (or anyother day) is super cheesy in my book and I would say no. But if they asked a day before or after I would say yes. But marriage does take alot of work but if your both willing you can have a long and blessed life together. Take if from someone who made that mistake and wait.